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If you are seeking ICON cavity treatment in Guelph, here at Grange Dental Health Care.

Until recently, dental professionals have had few choices in the treatment of dental caries (decay) in order to remineralize enamel. ICON offers a solution to combat incipient caries without sacrificing healthy tooth structure. This can be done in one sitting at our Guelph dental practice. It can be performed without drilling or anesthesia. The Infiltrant (a highly fluid type of resin) penetrates the enamel caries and blocks the diffusion paths for cariogenic acids. This promotes the early inhibition of caries in hard to reach areas and on smooth surfaces of teeth. This assists in closing the gap between preventative therapies and corrective restoration treatments.

  • ICON utilizes an innovative, new and dynamic approach to treat smooth surface and proximal carious lesions
  • Instead of waiting for conditions to progress, ICON can stall the development of early enamel lesions up to the first third of dentin (inner tissue of the tooth) in one simple procedure at our Guelph dentist practice.
  • This treatment can avoid the unnecessary loss of tooth material. 

The use of ICON treatments can avoid the requirement for more costly procedures relating to dental restoration. Speak to your local Guelph cosmetic dentist about ICON treatment for your dentistry concerns. Treatments that are primarily cosmetic often have the added benefit of being a preventative measure (along with regular brushing and flossing) against the development of corrosion. 

Many people mistake the white spots or mottled appearance of their teeth for staining and think that the overall colour of the tooth can be improved by teeth whitening,however this would have little effect as the white spots will still remain a lighter colour than the rest of the tooth.

  • Cosmetically remove white spot lesions in just one visit to our practice in Guelph. Dentures can be avoided with proper care of preventable conditions. 
  • Icon offers a unique, new approach to the cosmetic treatment of a variety of white spot lesions to reduce the risk of further damage to teeth dentin. 
  • Lesions infiltrated by Icon reflect the appearance of the surrounding healthy enamel. This provides a highly esthetic alternative to micro-abrasion and restorative treatments of cariogenic white spots – all in one simple treatment at your local Guelph dentist. Implants can be costly so it is advisable to treat these issues before they escalate. 
  • Anxious about your treatment? Rest assured in the fact that no drilling is needed for this procedure. If your concerns remain, ask your Guelph dentist about medical solutions for anxiety. 

Request an appointment with Guelph Dental Health Care if you are concerned with the appearance of white blemishes and the suitability of ICON cavity treatment. Guelph family dentist Dr Diodati and his team are here for your cosmetic dentist concerns.

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